Super Lube® Synthetic Oils are specially blended to answer the needs of industrial equipment, machinery and tool applications that are better served with lighter, pourable oils of various viscosities. Super Lube® Oils are high quality, synthetic lubricants, blended in weights from ultra-light to heavy mixtures. These oils are dielectric, food grade, and clean.

Depending on the product, Super Lube® Synthetic Oils share with Super Lube® Synthetic Grease the patented formula advantages of Syncolon® (PTFE) in suspension. Syncolon® (PTFE) is one of the most slippery surfaces (lowest coefficient of friction) known to man. Unlike conventional oils to which PTFE has been added, the Syncolon® (PTFE) in Super Lube® remains in suspension throughout the application. As a result, Super Lube® Oils are able to fill surface irregularities of mating parts and compact to form a smooth, lubricated surface.

Super Lube® Synthetic Oils have high flash and fire points, they also have low volatility and pour points. These oils are enhanced with anti-corrosive properties and will not form harmful abrasive deposits while in use. Super Lube® Synthetic Oils exhibit excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation.

Most Super Lube® Synthetic Oils are NSF registered Food Grade lubricants, rated H1 for incidental food contact. An NSF H3 rated Oil is also offered for direct food contact. These products meet USDA 1998 H1 and H3 guidelines.



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